Welcome to your new digital classroom

When you sign up for SOS, you get a team of educators working to help you succeed. Our strength lies in real people providing real-time tutoring.

The equation is simple:


  • Learn in a safe, online space

  • Real-time audio and video chat

  • Interactive whiteboard and document sharing

  • Customized scheduling for premium tutoring

  • Allows students to safely interact outside of the classroom

  • Allows teachers to meet with students after class

Great results, low cost

During the 2017 - 2018 school year, we helped students improve their test-taking skills and critical thinking. Students tutored by SOS saw a 10% improvement on their raw STARR score year over year versus a 2% improvement by non-tutored students.

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Subject Tutoring

Get a tutor anywhere and anytime with our easy-to-use interface. Purchase a single session or a monthly package.


Test Prep

Our intensive bootcamps offer one-on-one study sessions with a dedicated tutor to ensure you reach your goals.

SOS Enterprise

Students of Strength proudly partners with schools, districts, and other education organizations to tailor the SOS platform for any specific needs and budgets.


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Our Mission

Learning is a lifelong process . . . and most happens outside of the classroom. At SOS, our community of tutors ensures quality educational opportunities for all students, regardless of background or geography. Our digital platform provides a safe online environment for students and teachers to discuss and share materials. And, behind the scenes, our education experts continue to build a library of exclusive SOS learning content.

Combining real people and cutting-edge technology is, in our opinion, the best path to democratize education for all.

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Send a message or give us a call during regular business hours at our offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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