Tutoring Onboarding

Welcome to our Students of Strength onboarding!  We're looking forward to having you on our team.  In order to become an official SOS tutor, you will need to go through each of the steps below, including a quiz that will assess your familiarity with our system.

Upon successfully completing the quiz, you will receive an email from Rippling - our external employee information directory.  This email will contain instructions on how to fill out your legal documents and direct deposit account. (Don't worry, it's easy.)  Then you'll be ready to tutor!


Step 1: Read our Handbook


Click here to read the Handbook


Step 2: Go through our training module 

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Click here to create your tutor account.



Click through the slides to learn how to use our system.


Step 5: Take the quiz


Step 6: COMpLete HR forms

If you pass the quiz, you'll get an email from Rippling with instructions to complete your contract forms and direct deposit information. This could take up to one business day.

Upon completing and submitting your forms on Rippling, your studentsofstrength.com account will be approved (the one you created in step 3), and you will be ready to start helping students reach their goals. 

Those that know, do.
Those that understand, teach.
— Aristotle