Tutor FAQ

What are qualifications to be a tutor if you’re in college?

GPA: While we prefer that our tutors have a 3.5 GPA or higher, we do make exceptions to this rule.

SAT/ACT: Preferred SAT score is 2000/2400 or 1350/1600, and our preferred ACT score is 30/36. 

Stellar demo: This is your time to shine! Even more than your test scores and GPA, we look closely at your demo recording to discern your potential as a tutor.  

What are qualifications to be a tutor if you’re not in college?

We hire many tutors who have already graduated college: retired teachers, stay-at-home parents, and others with the experience, know-how, empathy, and professionalism that it takes to be an SOS tutor. For those who may not have had a GPA or standardized test score in a long time, we focus on years of experience. All of our tutors, regardless of age or background, are held to the highest standard for their ability to not only help students learn, but also to help them thrive with character and confidence.

 How do I receive payment for my sessions?

Once approved as a tutor, you will receive an invitation to fill out a few forms in Rippling. Here, you will enter your bank account information so that you can receive payment via direct deposit.

Our tutors are paid on a biweekly schedule for sessions tutored the previous two weeks.


How much will I be paid per session?

All of our tutors start at $14 per hour, with the potential for bonuses.  


How do I get sessions?

Set availability: you will log into your account, and will tell us what hours you are available to tutor. We will only assign you sessions during times that you have told us you are available, so make sure and update your availability regularly.

Get matched: once you've set your availability (and what subjects/grade levels you are willing to teach), our students search by subject, and then select a tutor that is available at the times they desire tutoring.

When you've been matched: You'll receive an email notifying you of the session. 


What happens if I am late to a session?

Except in extenuating circumstances, you will not be paid for any time you are late to a session. Being repeatedly late to sessions will result in SOS terminating your contract, and you will no longer be eligible to tutor.


What do I do if I can’t make it to a session?

If you need to change your availability and have not been matched, you can simply change it in your SOS account. If you’ve already been matched with a session, you must contact Students of Strength 24 hours before the session time so another tutor can be matched.


SOS reserves the right to terminate your contract due to no-shows or cancellations less than 24 hours in advance.


What happens if a student doesn’t show up to their session?

You will still be paid for the session. If a student still hasn’t shown up 30 minutes into a session, you are free to end the session.