Tutoring Application

Welcome! We're glad you're interested in becoming a Students of Strength tutor, and we look forward to having you on our team. This application requires you to go through a number of documents to get to know our system and make sure you're familiar with tutoring best practices.

The form at the end is two-part. First, we ask some questions about your background and ask you to upload a resume. Second, a graded quiz will test that you've read the materials on this page thoroughly.

Your score on the quiz, as well as your education and tutoring background, will determine if you're hired as an SOS tutor. If you pass, we will send you a congratulatory email containing the final steps you need to start tutoring.

Thanks for your interest!

Step 1 of 5: Read THE SOS Handbook

The SOS General Handbook for Employees and Contractors covers everything you need to know about tutoring before you begin the application process.

Click HERE to read the complete handbook.

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Step 2 of 5: Go through our training module 

Our SOS Tutoring Techniques slides acquaint both new and experienced tutors with SOS methods, guidelines, and expectations.

Click HERE to access the SOS Tutoring Techniques slides.

STEp 3 or 5: Create a tutor account 

Your account will be approved if you are hired as a tutor.

Click HERE to create your tutor account.

Step 4 of 5: Learn how TO NAVIGATE YOUR ACCOUNT

The SOS platform connects students, tutors, teachers, and parents. As an official SOS tutor, you'll need to know your way around this powerful communication tool and help our clients navigate through the system.

Click through the slides to the right to learn how to use the SOS platform.

Step 5 of 5: COMPlete TUTOR Interest FORM & Application


NOTE: We're currently updating our application materials. Please complete the forms below and we'll contact you soon!


Thanks for applying!

If hired, we will send you a congratulatory email containing the final steps to be ready to tutor.  This could take up to two business days.

Those that know, do.
Those that understand, teach.
— Aristotle