Student FAQ

Do I need a smartphone to use SOS?

Our app is available on apple and android platforms. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can always use a computer or tablet.


Are your tutors really available 24/7?

Yes. Think: thousands of college students, up at all hours. And always available to help. We also employ tutors overseas, so we have a wide range of time zones to work with. 


What qualifies me for subsidized tutoring/test prep?

If you qualify for free and reduced lunch, you qualify for subsidized tutoring/test prep from SOS.


Does SOS partner with schools?

Yes; we work with private, public and charter schools across the United States. In some cases, we are even partnered with entire school districts!


Can I use SOS if I am homeschooled?

Absolutely. SOS is glad to help wherever you or your homeschool teacher is in need.


I have a college counselor. Do I still need SOS?

College counselors are wonderful and extremely important. They are also extremely busy, sometimes even over-worked! If you have a college counselor that has 199 other students, you might not be getting the attention you need. SOS is here to help. 


Is everything done via video chat?

Yes. It’s just like being face to face with a tutor, but you can meet them anywhere or anytime! Our users are dealing with real people in real time, with extraordinary tools and technology to help the learning process.


Is SOS affordable?

SOS offers competitive pricing compared to other leading online tutoring services. We offer 24/7 support, thorough standardized test-prep, a cutting-edge tutoring platform and trained tutors at a rate lower than other services. We also strive to help students, who would otherwise not be able to afford it, our world-class tutoring service for free through our Students of Strength Foundation.

SOS is the most affordable tutoring and test prep service on the market. We charge half the price of the average tutoring company and our test prep packages are 40 percent less expensive than our leading competitor.


Does SOS help with the college application process?

Yes. From college selection to college applications, we offer mentorship. Unlike other services, our mentors’ own keys to success are fresh in their minds; they just went through the process, and did pretty well for themselves!


Does SOS offer subject test prep?

Yes. SOS helps students all the way through the college application process, including prep for the SAT or ACT.


What are the differences between each payment package?

Our base package includes one hour of tutoring over the course of a month. The monthly options comes with 5 hours of tutoring. Finally, the semester program comes with 20 hours of tutoring. You can use your credits in increments as small as 15 minutes, and as long as two hours.


How much is SOS per hour, without a subscription plan?

SOS costs $35 per credit hour.