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What does it mean to be a winning partner?

Being a winning partner means being a part of the SOS Movement. 

Thank you for taking interest in becoming a sponsor for Students of Strength, an online tutoring company dedicated to equalizing the playing field for our students that need help the most. We work together with our sponsors and patrons to fight for the success of the students in our communities. Your contributions go directly towards sponsoring a student in need of tutoring in your community.

Our Senior Sponsors

$35,000 sponsors for 50 students a semester

Through our Senior Sponsors' generous assistance, we are able to expand our tutoring reach to new heights that we never thought possible. Thank you to our Senior supporters for helping us bring the cutting-edge of tutoring technology to the students that need it the most. 


Ron Brown Scholar Program

We are proud to have the support of the Ron Brown Scholar Program and are excited to work with them in the future to continue to bring the best experience possible for our students. 

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The Flippen Group

"If you have a child's heart, you have their mind"

We are grateful for the help from The Flippen Group in sponsoring our students in our community. With their help, we are able to push our technology and our effectiveness to new heights, for the benefit of our most needed students. 

Our Junior Sponsors

$17,500 sponsors for 25 students a semester 

Through our Junior Sponsors' assistance, Students of Strength is able to operate and help the students in their community. We are honored to be helping your students in the name of our Junior Sponsors. 

Our Sophomore Sponsors

$10,500 sponsors for 15 students a semester

Thank you to our Sophomore Sponsors for their assistance in enabling us to bring the best tutoring has to offer. Thanks to you, 5 students are able to get they help they need for a semester through our platform so that they may succeed in their academic endeavors. 


Our Freshman Sponsors

$3500 sponsors for 5 students a semester

Thank you to our Freshman Sponsors for their assistance in enabling us to bring the best tutoring has to offer. Students of Strength partners with community businesses so that they can get involved in helping the children of their neighborhoods and communities.


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With the help of our generous sponsors, Students of Strength is able to bring the cutting edge of technology to classrooms all across the state for the students that need it the most. With our help, we strive for the lasting personal, educational, and professional success of our students. Please consider sponsoring a student today with any amount you're able to. We thank you for your support!