Who We Are

In addition to its extensive network of quality tutors, SOS maintains a in-house team of top strategists, advisors, and developers — all dedicated to making high-quality education Together, we work closely with schools and communities to continue the ongoing evolution of our tutoring platform and educational materials.

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Founder and CEO

Rahsaan King began Students of Strength as a junior project in high school. After witnessing education inequality first-hand while attending both public and private schools, he became a believer in the power of tutoring and mentorship to change students' lives.

King graduated from Chinquapin Preparatory School in 2013 and enrolled in Harvard University. After taking two years off to grow the Company full-time, he returned to Harvard and will graduate in May 2019 with a bachelors degree in Computer Science and a minor in Education. He has served as Students of Strength's CEO since its inception and continues to lead the company while finishing his degree.

"Through SOS, I aim to help place deserving students with mentors and tutors 24/7 regardless of background and income," King explains. "We harness friendly mentors, collaborative curriculum, and innovative technology to bridge the gap between the haves and have nots. It’s my small way to help create a brighter future for others and also to pay homage to those who helped save my life.”


Board Members

Rahsaan King | Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Students of Strength

Jeremy Duncan | Math and science instructor, The Chinquapin School

Darnell Joseph | Senior Academic Technology Officer, Texas Southern University

Julie Knutson | Academic consultant, Follett

James Lenz | Finance Center Director, Rice University Jones School of Business

Jay Papasan | Vice President of Keller Williams and author of The One Thing

Carlos Rodriguez | Chief Executive Officer, NEXT Medical Records

Derek Stogner | Chief Financial Officer, American Momentum Bank

Brittney Tribble | Houston-based CPA



Dr. Ronald Brown | Executive Director for Organizational Effectiveness, Texas Southern University School of Business

Jill Foote | Director of El Paso finance center, former Goldman Sachs executive

Jay Bhatia | Technology advisor with 40 years of software management experience

Jose Quintana | President of Texas A&M startup incubator; President and Chairman of the Board, Advent GX Corporation

Max Tribble | Partner, Susman Godfrey LLC; former Apple engineer



Coca-Cola Foundation
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
MIG Steel

100 Black Men of America
Ron Brown Scholar Program
Shell Foundation
Wade’s World Foundation